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my nails change colour due to different temperatures ft. matte
I want your stupid sense of humour making me laugh at 4am when I have to be up at 6.
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if we are talking in person and i accidentally spit dont even call me out i saw it and im dead inside

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When the teacher answers your question but you still don’t understand 


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RIP to all those who didn’t make it to 2014. And to those that did; I’m so, so proud of you.

I didn’t even try to scroll past this

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Have you ever just looked at someone and thought, “I really love you”. They’re just talking or humming or watching a movie or reading a book or laughing or something, and there’s something about them in that moment that makes you think, “I just really love you”

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Being 10 years old and not knowing what a virgin was made this scene really confusing for me as a kid… 

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